Gina Still Loves The Feel Of Paper, 2011, oil, 48x38"

Gina 2, 2011, oil, 20x16"

Tourism, 2010, oil, 46x36"

Point Of View

​​In the series Point Of View , I wanted to explore the relationship between point of view, and content. The viewer's placement can do a number of things in a painting. Point of view can put the observer on the outside looking in, or become a part of the narrative, it can give insight into the relationship between characters, or simply ask "where am I".

We can establish the viewer as voyeur or unseen, and it gives the viewer the ability to project themselves into the work. Point of view continues to be an important element for me.

​Lola, 2020, oil, 42x56"

Sisitne Assistants, 2009, oil, 56x72"

Spot Lit, 2012, oil, 20x16"

A Day At The Met, 2010, oil, 36x54"

Gina, 2011, oil, 20x16"

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