R       O        B        E        R        T                 S        C        H        E        F        M        A        N
BORN                                  Detroit, Michigan 

                          2006           University of Iowa,  MFA
                          1976           University of Iowa,  MA
                          1974           Michigan State University,  BFA

​                          2019           The Secrets Project, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI
                          2015           Steve Linn and Robert Schefman, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, IN
                          2012           Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2008           Robert Kidd Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
                          2005           Meadow Brook Art Gallery, Oakland University, Rochester, MI
                          2004           Krasl Art Center, Saint Joseph, MI
                                             Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2002           Midland Center For The Arts, Midland, MI
                          2001           Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI                        
                          2000           Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, MI
                          1997           Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          1995           Charach/ Epstien Museum Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
                          1994           Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI         
                          1991           Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          1984           Aesthetic Arrest, New York, NY
                          1983           Turkish Mission to the United Nations, UN Plaza, New York, NY
                          1982           Sculpture for the Ancient Gates of Troy, Troy, Turkey
                          1979           Art in Public Places, Saginaw Art Museum, Saginaw, MI
                          1976           Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA


                         2023       Drawn To Collect: Selections From The Farrell-Herrick Collection of Drawings, Flint Institute of Arts, Flint, MI

                                        Pictures Worth 1000 Notes: Four Artists Working In Harmony,​ Padzieski Gallery, Dearborn, MI

                                        Expo Chicago​ 2023, with David Klein Gallery

                                        Outwin 2022: American Portraiture Today, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL

                                        Get Together, Reyes/Finn Gallery, Detroit, MI

                                        David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI
​                         2022       
Outwin 2022: American Portraiture Today, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC

​                                        Annual Open Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York City, NY

                                        Staged, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
                                        Salon Redux, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI

                                        Group Summer Exhibition, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI
​                         2021       Gender, Detroit Artist's Market, Detroit, MI
                                        New Work/New Year, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI
                                        Gallery Artists, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham MI
                         2020       Flint Institute of Arts, Flint, MI
                                        Art Miami 2020, David Klein Gallery, (Exhibition online- due to Covid)
                                        Up Next, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI
                                        35x35 Art Project, Copelouzos Art Museum, Athens, Greece
                         2019       Salon, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI
                                        Spark, Annex Gallery, Highland Park, MI
​                                        Gallery Artists, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                        Faculty Exhibition, Valade Gallery, College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
​                         2018        INPA 5: International Painting Annual, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
​                                         Masters of Drawing: Realism to Abstraction, AB Dow Museum, Midland, MI
                                         Gallery Artists, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI
​                         2017         Art Miami 2017, David Klein Gallery
​                                         Seattle Art Fair 2017, David Klein Gallery
                                         Group Exhibition, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI
                         2016         Pictures Of You, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI
                                          Summer Selections, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI
​                                          Focus On Faculty: Sabbatical Exhibition, Valade Gallery, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
                                          Robert Schefman: A Body of Influence, Grosse Point Art Center, Grosse Point, MI
                                          What We're Made Of: CCS Faculty Exhibition, Valade Gallery, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
                         2015          First Show, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI
                                           Making Faces, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2014         Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Group Show, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2013         The LA Art Show 2013, Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
                                           Summer View III, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Imago Mundi, Luciano Bennetton Foundation Project for the Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
                                           The Story Of Creative, See/Me Exhibition Space, Long Island City, NY
                                           Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Actual Size Biennial, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, MI
                          2012         Midwest Drawing Invitational, University of St Francis, Ft Wayne, IN
                                           Art Platform LA 2012, Timothy Yarger Fine Art
                                           Narrative Fragments, Quidley & Co. Fine Art, Boston, MA                                          
                                           Sweet Spot, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham MI
                                           Roots, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, MI
                                           Contemporary Realism Biennial, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, IN
                                           Art LA, Timothy Yarger Fine Art
                                           Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2011         Scope Miami 2011, Timothy Yarger Fine Art
                                           Carbon And Gold, The Art Gallery, Macomb Community College, Clinton, MI
                                           R Wells Gallery, Binghamton, NY
                                           Actual Size Biennial, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Detroit, MI
                                           Deep Thaw, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI              
                                           ArtMRKT SanFrancisco, Timothy Yarger Fine Art
                                           20th Anniversary Show, Janice Charach Gallery, W Bloomfield, MI
                                           Art Chicago 2011, Timothy Yarger Fine Art
                                           Tapped, Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
                                           Los Angeles Art Show, Timothy Yarger Fine Art
                                           CCS Faculty Exhibition, Detroit, MI
                          2010         Art Miami 2010, Timothy Yarger Fine Art
                                           Scope Miami 2010, 101/exhibit gallery, Miami, FL
                                           Group Exhibition, 101/exhibit gallery, Miami, FL
                                           Our Town, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Past-Present-Future, R Wells Gallery, Binghamton, NY
                                           Ten Years Of Contemporary Art, Oakland University Art Gallery, Rochester Hills, MI
                                           Contemporary Realism Biennial, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, IN   Awarded: Best In Show
                                           ArtHamptons, 101/exhibit
                                           Art Under The Influence, Northville Art House, Northville, MI
                                           Art Chicago, Timothy Yarger Gallery
                                           Los Angeles Art Show, Timothy Yarger Gallery
                                          The Facebook Show, Museum of New Art, Pontiac, MI
                          2009         Bods, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Art Miami 2009, Timothy Yarger Gallery
                                           Monochrome, Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
                                           The Bra Show, Charach Museum Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
                                           Corpus Maximus, Yarger –Strauss Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
                                           CCS Scholarship Exhibition, Detroit Artist Market, Detroit, MI
                                           Group Show, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2008         Group Exhibition, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Chai Lighting, Charach/Epstein Museum Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
                                           Antigone, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2007         Creativity Out of Conflict, MOCAD, Detroit, MI
                                           Actual Size Biennial, The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Detroit, MI
                                           Driven: Art From the Motor City, Copper Country  Community Arts Center, Hancock, MI
                          2006         In Response, Charach/Epstein Museum Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
                                           MFA Show, University of Iowa Art Museum, Iowa City, IA
                                           Realism, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Faculty Now-CCS at 100, College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
                          2005         Group Exhibition, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2004         Foundation Faculty, College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
                                           Variations on a Violin, Padziewski Gallery, Dearborn, MI
                                           New Realism II, Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Head Count, College for Creative Studies, traveling exhibition
                          2003         Senses of Reality, Starkweather Art and Cultural Center, Romeo, MI
                                           Foundation Faculty, College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
                                           Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          2002         Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
                                           Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Celebrate,Charach/ Epstein Museum, West Bloomfield, MI
                          2001         In Our Midst, Padzieski Gallery, Ford Arts Center, Dearborn, MI
                                           Made in Michigan, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Rochester,MI
                                           Post Card Show, Charach/ Epstein Museum, West Bloomfield, MI       
                          2000         Sex, Detroit Contemporary, Detroit,MI                     
                                           Really Big Show, Charach/ Epstien Museum, West Bloomfield, MI
                                           Exhibition 2000, BBAC, Birmingham, MI
                                           Foundation Faculty, Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
                          1999         Body and  Soul , Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Rochester,MI
                                           Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham,MI
                          1998         Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           National Society of Mural Painters, Art Students League, NYC, NY
                                           BBAC Faculty Show, Birmingham, MI
                                           Governors’ Awards for Art and Culture, ArtServe Michigan, Detroit, MI
                          1997         Michigan Council For The Arts Exhibition Project, Lansing, MI
                                           BBAA 40th Anniversary Show, Birmingham, MI
                                           Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          1996         Michigan Fine Arts Competition, BBAA, Birmingham, MI
                                           Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham , MI
                                           Eva Cohon Gallery, Chicago, ILL
                          1995         Interventions, Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit,MI
                                           Carbonari, Michigan Gallery, Detroit, MI
                          1995         Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham , MI
                                           Romantic Allegory, Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, MI
                          1994         Michigan Fine Art Exhibition, BBAA, Birmingham, MI
                                           Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Willis Gallery, Detroit, MI
                          1993         Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                                           Friends for Focus, Benefit Exhibition, Farmington Hills, MI
                          1992         First Night Exhibition, Birmingham, MI
                                           Figurative/Narrative, Struve Gallery, Chicago, IL
                                           Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          1990         Art for Life, Cantor/Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          1989         Cantor/Lemberg Gallery, Birmingham, MI
                          1988         Figurative Painting in the 80's, Ruggiero/Henis Gallery, New York, NY
                          1984         The Dead Blimpie Show, New York, NY
                          1983         Modern Mythology, Fordham University, Bronx, New York, NY
                                          Terminal New York, Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, NY
                          1982         Wards Island, O.I.A., New York, NY
                          1981         Foley Square/Federal Plaza, New York, NY
                          1980         On Wards Island, O.I.A., New York, NY
                                           Sculpture Space at Utica College, Utica, New York, NY

                          2004           Benard L. Maas Prize, Benard L. Maas Foundation, Detroit, MI
                          2001           Artists In The Schools Grant, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, MI
                          1999           ArtServe Michigan, Creative Artist Grant, State of MI
                          1996           Arts Foundation of Michigan, Detroit, MI
                          1995           Pollack-Krasner Foundation, New York, NY
                          1979           Sculpture Space Inc., Utica, New York
                          1976           Graduate Senate Research Grant, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


          Eli and Edyth Broad Museum, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
          Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, MI
          Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC
          Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL
          Copelouzos Art Museum, Athens, Greece
          Ford Performing Arts Center, Dearborn, MI
          Blaw Knox Corporation, Matoon, IL
          Dow Automotive Corporate Offices, Midland MI
          Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit, MI
         19th District Court, Dearborn, MI            
          Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
          The Rattlesnake Club, Detroit, MI
          University of Iowa, Sculpture for Campus, Iowa City, IA
          Ennis Francis Housing Complex, Harlem, NY
          Cooley Law School, Lansing, MI


                          1996      “Torch Song Trilogy”, Jet Theater, W. Bloomfield, MI
                          1985      “The Dark Ride”, Kinematic Dance Company, St. Marks Dancespace, NY, NY
                          1984      “Trapped in Queens”, Bebe Miller and Company, Dance Theater Workshop, NY, NY
                          1983      “Kinematic Dance Company”, Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY
                          1982      “Home Movies”, Kinematic Dance Company, P.S. 122, New York, NY

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