Collected Knowledge

Wonderland, 2016, oil, 84x72"

P.H.A.S.D., 2015, oil, 54x42"

  Initially moved by letters, photos and family documents that I discovered, Collected Knowledge references saving our personal information on constantly changing digital formats. Artifacts last for generations, what about digital storage?
Who will decide what photographs, recordings, letters and documents are important enough to be re-formatted and saved beyond our lifetimes?  Additionally, digital information is often edited into nice, easily digestible slogans and sound bites, which allow us to grab only the information that suits our immediate purpose but distorts the original intent. Relying on distilled thoughts and truncated video experiences raise‚Äč questions about information reduced and isolated from context. This is the reference for Collected Knowledge series.

Robot Theater, 2012, oil, 16x20"

Maintaining Tin, 2012, oil, 44x32"

Where Do The Robots Go?, 2012, oil, 40x30"

Learning To Swim, 2011, oil, 52x60"

Collected Knowledge, 2012, oil, 62x84"

Science Of Structure, 2012, oil, 50x40"

Standing In Water, 2013, oil, 42x56"

Concerning A moment, 2014, oil, 64x74"