Apprentice At Urbino 1, 2003, oil, 60x72"

The “The Artist’s Apprentice” series explores our understanding of a moment. How much information do we process from sight? The world is often different than the images we see. A contemporary photo shoot is quite different from the final image we see in a magazine.

In this series I used familiar art historical references to point out the differences between what is seen and what is hidden. The room portrayed in Titan's Venus of Urbino would have been anything but sereneassistants mixing paint, setting scenery, and constantly changing light. Titian and Botticelli’s goddesses share the same unrealistic view and cultural transformation we see in iconic images of Marilyn Monroe. 

Studio Musician, 2004, oil, 20x16"

The Artist's Apprentice

Chiaroscuro, 2004, oil, 48x40"

Vermeer In Bosnia, 2004, oil, 42x36"

Verso, 2004, oil, 20x16"

Apprentice At Urbino, 2004, oil, 54x66"

Apprentice, 2004, oil, 20x16"

Birth Of Venus, 2005, oil, 54x72"