Boy's Dream, 2001, oil, 18x18"

Dance On The Edge Of A Precipice, 1994. oil, 58x88"

Boy's Dream 2, 2001, oil, 18x18"

Holbein's Assistant, 2002, oil, 16x20"

Dreaming Tree, 2002, oil, 72x48"

Dinner With Gaia, 2002, oil, 52x52"

Robert's Nightmare, 2001, oil, 56x54"

Dreams In The Big Chair, 2001, oil, 16x20"

Gothic Dream, 2001, oil 44x56"

Dreams Of Flight, 2001, oil, 56x42"

Spilled Milk, 2001, oil, 56x48"

Dream No.7, 2001, oil, 66x48"

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