Dance On The Edge Of A Precipice, 1994. oil, 58x88"

Boy's Dream 2, 2001, oil, 18x18"

Dream No.7, 2001, oil, 66x48"


Dreaming Tree, 2002, oil, 72x48"

Dinner With Gaia, 2002, oil, 52x52"

 Dreams series came from an interest in the shared nature of our dreams. My interest in myths and legends led me to research the overlap with dreaming.

Researching dreams led me to Jung, and Freud's dream analysis, which I used in a number of the paintings.

I was fascinated with a theory that there are a limited number of about 40 dreams that cover the hopes, wishes and fears of humanity, and each of us only experience about 12-15 of those dreams which recur throughout our lifetime. I began to test this idea with friends; which dreams we had in common, which dreams seemed unique to us. The paintings reference some of the most common dreams, and some of the more personal. 

Boy's Dream, 2001, oil, 18x18"

Spilled Milk, 2001, oil, 56x48"

Gothic Dream, 2001, oil 44x56"

Dreams Of Flight, 2001, oil, 56x42"

Dreams In The Big Chair, 2001, oil, 16x20"

Robert's Nightmare, 2001, oil, 56x54"

Holbein's Assistant, 2002, oil, 16x20"