Sex, 1997, oil, 33x47"

Ambiguity, 1998, oil 20x16"

The Censorship series grew from a number of personal incidents where exhibited work was removed, covered, vandalized and even destroyed. 

I began exploring the double standards for male and female images, the American standards on nudity, and homophobia in the figurative artwork.

I was considering the secretive nature of how things are censored, and most importantly, the act of self-censorship.

When police come into an exhibition to cover work, when the City Attorney called to ask to close an exhibition, or when work was pulled down and destroyed, I could yell and scream. However, when it is quiet in the studio, and I am thinking about the decisions I make on any given work, will I be affected other people's values, or be direct and on point with my choices? That second-guessing is the worst part of censorship.

Y, 1997, oil, 50x40"

Nothing By Mouth, 1997, oil, 32x32"

Modesty, 1998, oil, 20x14"

Without Conviction, 1993, WC, 60x40"

X, 1997, oil, 44x36"


Personal Baggage, 1997, oil, 72x56"

Censor, 1997, oil, 48x38"

Study For Censorship, 1994, WC, 20x14"